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How a bus stop gave me a boost of connection - Ginger Johnson

This Surprised Me! Before They Got on The Bus, They Gave Me This Boost

Are you using the right words to connect? Ginger Johnson

Are You Using the Right Words to Connect?


How Would You Complete This Sentence:

Connection is Simple

The Cow Mug

Ginger Johnson

Want to Connect? Host a Dinner Party


Seen, Valued, Heard

Ginger Johnson holding a sign that says "Powered By Connection"

Connecting With Your Audience

photo courtesy of David Knapp

Value, Not Volume

Share The Road - Walk & Talk

Walk + Talk = Connecting

laminated flashcards are great props

Effective Virtual Connecting Tactics

Connect with Ginger

Curious about what a client partnership could look like? I want to learn more about you! It starts with a phone call: