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Keynotes. Connection Experiences.

Ginger Johnson

Keynotes. Professional Development. Connection Experiences.

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I remember falling asleep to the sound of dishes and conversation, of adults enjoying each other’s company. That all was right with the world.

Thinking back, those were incredibly formative experiences – the dinner parties of my childhood. It was a feeling of of deep contentment, of belonging, of simplicity, of connection.

I also recall times in my life where disconnection came roaring at me, unanticipated and confusingly so. Either slow builds or stopping-cold, those moments of what’s going on??!! With no readily obvious answer.

As humans we’re uniquely poised to ponder what’s going on, to respond, to reflect and to try to connect what is happening with us, the world around us and our relationships.

It's utterly fascinating.

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It was after one of the disconnection surprises that got me thinking...

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Myriad experiences in life, both chosen and unanticipated, have brought me to this moment.

The one where the simplicity and profundity of being connected to those who we wish to serve, support and elevate is my mission.

the world, Ginger,"
is what I tell myself.

It’s my own North Star, my vision and my purpose.

Working with and for leaders and people who want to learn and to significantly improve from how-to to How-To-Think, who are seeking transformation in the simplicity of human connection and need and want a seasoned guide to help them is the work we accomplish together.

High positive energy and enthusiasm, singular insights and research, curiosity and humor are what propel great work with terrific client partners forward.

To help client partners reach their vision, then reach farther, all based on the simplicity and deep meaning powered by connection makes our world a better place.

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Dinner party and connecting experiences, speaking (which is the gift of people’s time and attention) and professional development, plus books and goodies.

These are all part of the ecosystem in partnering with truly great clients.



One-of-a-kind interactive keynotes that elevate your leaders and teams by giving them:

  • A newfound ability to examine how their personal values + growth connect to the organization’s vision.
  • A refreshed sense of renewed purpose and self-commitment to bring their whole and best selves to work.
  • A reset mindset + proven playbook of effective practices to keep going and growing through connection.
Connection Experiences

Connection Experiences

Let’s accelerate meaningful human connection: positivity, objectivity and willingness to share personal experiences, and insights to significantly deepen professional relationships.

  • Joy from deeper and truly authentic connections with each other.
  • The Connector's Mindset + language to succeed and celebrate.
  • Alignment leading to consistent focus for impactful decisions and lasting outcomes.

If what you read above has you shouting

to yourself aloud, I love my work and I’d love the opportunity to work with you.

Experience the Power of

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— Rhonda Klug, Head of Community Relations, Harry & David

Why and How To Connect On Purpose

Purposeful and meaningful relationships begin by understanding the Elements of Connectivity, starting with Why + Mindset.

Connectivity Canon: Why and How to Connect with People on Purpose with a Service Mindset book

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