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Howdy friend! Hi friend! It's Ginger JohnsonGinger here.

(I also answer to Vitamin G, Chief Connecting Officer, and Professor of Fun.)

I’m on a mission to partner with visionary leaders and organizations to cultivate meaningful connections, nurture cultures of belonging & common ground, and make a lasting impact on the world.

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You love your work, having fun, and exploring new ideas.

You’re growth-minded, future-focused, and always up for a challenge.

You want to support, refresh, and energize your team so you can grow further together.

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No matter your pursuit — whether it’s fostering better communication, cultivating a work culture fueled by joy and inclusivity, or driving progress through shared values and objectives — everything you’re striving for is:

Powered by Connection

Elements of Connection by Ginger Johnson

Communication: the language of connection is more than our words — it's our body language and the rhythm and energy we bring to communicating with others. When we learn to speak other people's language — while we teach others our own — we can conquer connection.

Belonging is your favorite sweater. You want to wear it all the time because it makes you feel good about yourself, accept yourself, love yourself. You're kinder, you're happier, you’re all the things that make you a good human. Belonging is the ultimate outcome of connection. It’s the favorite piece in our wardrobe of life.

Common ground is the geography, the landscape, the topography where connection can either flourish or flounder. When we nurture atmospheres and environments of acceptance, we build more common ground and we practice being good humans. It is only on common ground that we can achieve peace on earth.

You are the final key. We need you. You belong. When you step into the Connector's Mindset, you help all of us build more common ground. You are the so-you-tion.

When we put the pieces together it looks like this:

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"Loved it!" notes for Ginger

From the desk of

Thushan Rajapaksa, Senior VP, Allied Universal Event Services

Allied Universal

"Ginger absolutely nailed it.

Thushan Rajapaksa

Amazing work. Being on the selection committee I can tell you that everyone loved her. She got right to it and provided useful insights and education with positive energy in a highly interactive way, which was refreshing and incredibly timely. We have the power to create magical moments and memorable experiences for live audiences. She did this with style & swag. It was useful, relevant to our event space business community, and totally worthwhile.”

How can we work (and play) together?

Ginger’s tailored-to-you programs boost and build cultures of belonging by working closely with your team on a longer term basis. Executive leaders seeking dynamic, collaborative, and immediately useful growth will want to include this in their development plans.

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With immersive keynotes & workshops, Ginger brings audiences infectious energy, thought provoking ideas, and highly interactive moments of connection and reflection. If you want memorable and lasting experiences, this is an ideal place to jump in.

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The Chief Connecting Officer certification (CCO) is a groundbreaking growth experience designed to help you maximize ROC (Return On Connection). Whether you’re learning with Ginger a la carte or earning your CCO certification, you’ll change your life, help others, and have tremendous fun.

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Connectivity Canon

Why and How to Connect on Purpose

Purposeful and meaningful relationships begin by understanding the Elements of Connectivity, starting with Why + Mindset. The Connectivity Canon perfectly pairs with all my keynotes and workshops. Gift them to your whole team! (And be sure to treat yourself!) And continue cultivating a service mindset long after I say adieu.

Hi friend! It's Ginger Johnson

Vitamin G
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