This Surprised Me! Before They Got on The Bus, They Gave Me This Boost

Picture this: I’m out for a stroll in a city I’m not too familiar with. It’s a cool, overcast morning—a perfect day for a leisurely walk. As I meander down the sidewalk, taking in the sights and sounds, I approach a bus stop where a few people are waiting.

Now, I have this thing about noticing details when I walk—the doors, the alleys, the people, the dogs, the posters, the windows—everything. As I reach the bus stop, I make eye contact with one of the waiting passengers and say, “Good morning.”

To my delight, they respond enthusiastically, “It’s a beautiful morning!”

Their enthusiasm surprised and delighted me. It was such a great boost. It immediately gave my day a huge infusion of humanity.

I replied, “It sure is! Make it a great day!”

You make it a great day!” They cheered back.

I kept walking, big smile on my face. And that person kept waiting for the bus.

That brief exchange was more than just a polite greeting—it was a genuine connection.

It reminded me of how very simple and easy it is to connect—and the power we hold to acknowledge and appreciate each other’s presence, even in passing moments.

In this case, somebody was robustly inviting me to connect, even though I was the first one to say hello. Hey, it’s not a contest! It’s simply being human.

I see you.

I value you.

I hear you.

That person gave me that in spades. It was so much fun, and it was a big boost for me.

This encounter got me thinking…how often do we pass by others without a second glance or a simple hello? Connecting with someone, even briefly, can have a ripple effect of positivity.

Here’s my challenge to you:

Take a walk with intention.

Choose a public spot—a bus stop, a park bench—and make eye contact with someone.

Greet them sincerely, be it “Good morning,” “Bonjour,” or “Buenos días.”

See what happens.

Even if they don’t respond in the way you hope, you’ve given them a moment of recognition. You’ve shown that you value their presence.

And here’s the beauty of it—by extending this simple act of connection, you’re not only enriching someone else’s day but also fostering a sense of community.

The boost of Vitamin G in this is, when we show the respect and the integrity of human to human connection, then we get it back, too.

When we treat each other with appreciation and kindness, we open the door to more meaningful interactions and stronger communities.

So go and meet somebody. Say hello to somebody! Because it’s a beautiful day and connecting builds community.

‘Til next time, keep connecting!

17 thoughts on “This Surprised Me! Before They Got on The Bus, They Gave Me This Boost”

    • And to you too, Jody! Your stalwart friendship is restorative, and so deeply valued ( and ridiculously fun!!). ox g

  1. Good day! Acknowledging people is the simplest way, as you say, to create connection and community. Thank you, Ginger, for the reminder. I used to be this way and have slipped away from it for reasons that escape me. Today is the day I will renew this smallest act.

    • BOOM, Rita ~ Simple is sooooooo wonderful and effective and human. Props for your renewal to connection. Keep me posted on your meaningful efforts. Cheering you on ~

  2. GreetinGs GinGer!
    (That’s four doses of vitamin G right there in my salutation!)
    But I diGress, (oops there’s another one!)
    Not only do I walk by a bus stop every morninG, but I also actually Get on the bus. And every time that I do, I always Greet the bus operator, (that is the correct term, operator not driver), but once in a while I stop and very sincerely ask the bus operator, “Can I operate the bus today?” This always completely changes their mood and raises their and my “mood elevators”.
    As always thanks for the inspiration you provide,

    • LOVE IT, M!! Q: Are you a pigeon??
      Seriously, props for elevating the day all around. You’ve certainly elevated mine.
      Keep connectinG 🚐

    • Mmmmmmmatthew!!
      All of this is so fun and connective ~ thank you for your contribution, whimsy, and connectinG.
      Operator: duly noted, especially from my lanGuaGe-lovinG-lens. ImaGonna channel my inner M and focus on ‘mood elevators’ ~ Stay famazinG,

  3. I do this everyday…at the Y, the grocery store, volunteering at OSF, etc etc.
    I love you Vitamin G…perfect name!

    • Eileen! And you are so so so good at seeing people – stay at it, your effort matters. Hugs from MT, dear friend. g

  4. Love the vitamin G! I do this often, especially when I’m feeling good on a lovely morning. It is a boost and worth doing more often. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll strive to make hellos and good mornings a habit..

    • Feeling good manifests too – even if we’re not feeling quite up to snuff or like connecting, that’s the EXACT time to do so. It elevates everyone (see Matt’s input here too about being a mood elevator). Keep those connecting stories building, Sherry. g

  5. ❤️ this! I am always amazed how the simple “hi” or “hello”, or “good morning” creates a boost of energy – most times it is 2way! Looking forward to see your travel videos …

    • Simple is magic, for sure Donna! Many people think saying hello is a trap – it’s a treasure since we get to see other people, which in turn helps us know we are seen too. Thank you for your comment, mighty D. g

  6. Ginger,
    You know you are a soulmate, and we think similar thoughts about life and how to connect. This is a fun way to reach out; mine always includes a big smile!
    So good to see you in action again!
    All the best,

    • Pam! Your love of books connected us. You make me smile big time when I think of the fabulous Edible Books event at the Natrona (Casper) Public Library – brilliant, simple, so so so fun. Hope you’re staying well and loving life. g


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Even thoughisn't the word they always use, it's what my clients mean when they say:

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