About the Workshop

Grace and Space

Ginger Johnson, keynote speaker on Common Ground

Start with yourself; give yourself grace. Then extend it to others. This talk focuses on how we can be Good Humans, to do the purpose-full work we choose.

Can you imagine...

  • our world where we give every other human grace?
  • where we assume that we all can use (more) space to be a good human?
  • that combining grace and space promotes every good idea and desired transformation?

Grace and Space is inspired by the fact that we are better humans when we give Grace and Space and we're also better humans when we receive Grace and Space.

People in audiences and groups across the globe have expressly shared that upon hearing "Grace and Space," they felt a spark... a renewed sense of self.

And that self is wanting the exhale, the kindness, and the relief of knowing that they'll get both of these: first and foremost from ourselves because we tend to be hard on our own self first. Once we realize and start the shift of cutting ourselves some much-needed slack (usually on stuff that isn't truly meaningful), we get lighter. We relax better. We are more patient. We're better humans. And that's what all of this is about, y'all.

This experience builds on Common Ground because the vitality of Common Ground is cultivated by Grace and Space. When we do this, curiosity and creativity re/start to appear.

In this workshop, I cover how the H word - HELP - is an empowering avenue to connection. And in all of this Grace and Space, how we will and actually do foster the critical common ground we must step forward and practice to improve our world. We do so with one thought, one interaction, one moment of opportunity at a time. I teach tools and tactics, principles and practices so that every active learner present has a refreshed enthusiasm to step up Grace and Space in their lives.

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