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Common Ground

Ginger Johnson - keynote speaker on Common Ground

It's everywhere.

Common Ground steps up our connecting game by reminding and refreshing that we will always be more alike than we will ever be different, simultaneously celebrating the strengths of diversity.

You have teeth. I have teeth. Let's start there. If you're already chuckling at this opening, then we'd be wise to work together on building and boosting Common Ground.

Common Ground is literally all around us. We walk it, we see it, we feel it. Yet we don't always fully realize or acknowledge that we have the power to connect by starting with what we have in common.

Did you know that 99.6% of our human DNA is the same? Stunning, isn't it.

We have the remarkable capability as a species to decide if we're going to focus on the commonalities we share, or if we're going to obstinately and arrogantly and ignorantly focus on what we perceive are meaningful differences. Instead of focusing on how differences are somehow negative, Common Ground builds and boosts organizations and groups by sharing how simple it is to find and foster common ground. To keep our wandering eyes and minds on what matters; and what matters is how similar we are, how much we have in common by the literal nature of being the same species.

Common Ground is found simply and easily, so in this talk I illustrate how fast you can establish common ground to nurture, even heal, groups and communities. I teach to the Connector's Mindset and how to be POW/Positive Objective Willing to embrace and amplify that Common Ground which helps us be better at being Good Humans.

The world desperately needs the human race to find, foster, and focus on Common Ground so that we can heal, survive, and thrive. There is no greater need right now than to remember that we are better, together: all sharing the Common Ground, all building with the power of human connection.

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