About the Workshop

The ZYXs of Connecting

Ginger Johnson, keynote speaker on "The ZYXs of Connecting"

This rollickingly fun event is truly co-created, with each audience fully participating to build directly relevant ZYXs (z-a) thinkings and how-to's to use right away.

Do you know the Alphabet song? If so, could you sing it in reverse?? Having delivered this fabulous, interactive, fun, and useful experience many times has gotten me reeeeaaaally good at sharing words expressly chosen for your group, in an unconventional way.

If you're seeking a worthwhile workshop that's stacked with joy and participation, this is the one for you.

The ZYXs of Connecting started as a "let's try it." (Some of the best discoveries starts that way!) Since then, it's inspired standing ovations from people who genuinely want to keep going and growing.

This workshop is such a beloved blast, I encourage you to choose this adventure for your next conference, (it's a kickin' keynote too!), meeting, gathering, VIP occasion, or retreat.

People loooooove to connect by participating. Join me for a jazzy jam session that will delight and inspire your group. You won't find this on YouTube; it's always a fresh take for each group simply by the fact that each group has its own vibe.

The ZYXs reinforces the power of fun in cultivating human connection. We want to connect and we want to have fun together connecting, so let's unite the two!

Variations of delivery are determined based on our pre-event conversations (part of all my client partner work), and pre-event input from the group to be served (also part of our client partner work together). I help you garner the collective "what's on your mind?" so the audience knows they are seen, valued, and heard.

This workshop is particularly excellent as a 2 - 3 hour experience or even a full-day framework for groups seeking a deep and invigorating time together. The deeper we go with this, the more your people connect: faster, better, more meaningfully and with real longevity.

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