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The Language of Connection

Ginger Johnson, keynote speaker: "The Language of Connection"

Words are tools. How are you using them to build your culture of belonging? You'll get Words to Use, Words to Purge, and the Ways & Ways to ReThink our Language to better connect.

Connection = Communication

Words are the building blocks of communications. When we invest energy and effort into understanding how simple and powerful our language is, we can make serious and significant positive progress and growth in connecting.

Conversations reveal connection.

As a certified word lover, sharing the impact of how our words reveal who we are to the world is robustly and equally significant to me! The mental light bulb "AHA!" or "Oh my..." moments happen. When someone in the room has a moment of sincere discovery around how meaningful our words and language are, witnessing those moments is profound. And once we learn a new take on a word or phrase, it's dang near impossible to negate it or return to what it was before.

The Language of Connection is foundational to leading the life you want.

This language is fueled by the Connector's Mindset, which is powered by purpose. The Language we choose to use - and it's a changeable choice - speaks volumes about who we are in the world. So when you choose language that connects rather than divides; when you choose to consider your words for better; when you choose to tap into the simple and profound impact words have on all of us, then you're tapping into your own aquifer of action. You're choosing to be pro-active. You're choosing to re-take a mis-take. You're choosing the connector's superhighway of language that elevates and celebrates.

Personally, I love teaching the Language of Connection because I've learned how potent words are. The accumulated lessons of the power of language inspire me to share with others how you can immediately change the temperature of a room; a conversation; an argument, even; with thoughtfully chosen words that connect us, rather than divide us.

We're all capable of shifting our words because we are all capable of changing how and what we think, as well as our own behavior. Connectors are aware of and utilize the come-together magnetism that language can create.

So we're clear; Words to use and Words to Purge are both contextual. In my work, I tailor the language so that your audience, team, and membership get what they need in the language they're speaking. The great news is that the vast majority of all industries and categories, groups and audiences share the same language. (Common ground, my friend!) It's the language of respect, dignity, kindness, and progress.

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