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J.O.B. Joy of Belonging

Ginger Johnson, keynote speaker on the Joy of Belonging

When we shift a J.O.B. to the Joy Of Belonging, we shift everything else, too. You’ll learn how to build healthy and lasting cultures of belonging.

"Clap if you've ever had a J O B !" Every time I invite a room to do this, clapping happens. It happens because we're seeking...something. When a Job is a J O B in the conventional think, which is have-to or should, then it's usually uninspiring. It's functional though not fun. It serves a purpose, though not the big Purpose we're wanting.

The shift of a J O B to the Joy Of Belonging gives us the power to shift everything. As in, if we focus on purpose instead of passion, when we choose to focus on the WHO we want to be versus what we DO, ahhhh! Then, my friend, then we create the shift where growth comes in to support us.

Your audience will learn how to build and boost cultures of belonging by setting the Human Connection compass to Joy Of Belonging. Healthy cultures aren't ones of check-box- we've-completed-the-training think; that's clinical inclusion, which isn't effective. Check the research  on the $8b spent annually in the USA on inclusivity training that has been shown by research to be significantly ineffective. And I totally understand why...

When we focus on belonging instead of inclusion, here's what happens. We end up creating and nurturing cultures where people feel like they belong. And when THAT happens, guess what? We've opened the door for inclusivity, we've fostered diversity, we've increased access. Because if we focus on helping people feel and know they belong, then all the rest comes along.

The Joy Of Belonging is a rethink we'd all be wise to embrace.

If you know what it feels like to belong - and you also know what it feels like to NOT belong (and even to be uninvited) then you know how powerful this feeling is.

When we know we're welcome and wanted, then we're experiencing the pure and simple power of human connection at its essence.

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