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Connecting Is Simple

Keynote speaker Ginger Johnson on "Connecting Is Simple"

Start. Simplify. Have Fun. You’ll learn how to clear out the muck and get into the pure power of connecting by making and keeping connecting simple.

"Connecting is simple" is one of my thangs because, as a species, we sometimes like to complicate things. We make ideas, concepts, and plans so difficult, convoluted, and nefarious that folks go "HUH?!" when they try to learn or listen. If it's hard to explain, then it's hard to understand.

My mantra is, "Make it simple, keep it simple." De-complicate, remove, and clarify. Clarity is queen [insert royal wave here], and she serves connection. It's a sign/al of connection when we simplify. By tapping into a classic 1-2-3 think, we relieve ourselves of unnecessary gobbledegook.


As I teach in the Connectivity Canon, start by making the first move. Get in motion. Say hello, wave, make a phone call, send a video message, walk down the hall. Starting is the spark for connection to happen and the first move toward movement, then momentum, then a flywheel that stays in motion.


I love this word and the beauty of what it can mean. Simplifying is keeping your focus on a clear vision; this concentrates your efforts on building the muscle of connection. AND know this: simple is not the same as easy...and knowing the difference is key. Simplicity strips the unneeded makeup masking our purpose and clouding the waters of connection. Simplicity invites creativity, collaboration, and liberation in the doing. When we simplify, we also attract better: people, shared values, intention, and ultimately the work we choose to engage in.

Have Fun.

It's equally inspiring and tragic that we have science backing up the fact that fun boosts all good elements: for us and in life! So let's run with the inspiring. Inspiration is an internal spark: one that fun builds on, boosting connection. The power of human connection includes the desire we hold to have fun, to feel enjoyability, to get into activities that positively light us up. Fun is fundamental: fuel for ourselves and our endeavors. Fun isn't ancillary or extra; it's not expensive or frivolous. if you think fun is expensive, tell me what it cost$ to replace someone or recruit someone new?! When you build fun into your budget and culture, you build solid cultures of belonging.

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